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Deliberate knock down?

Deliberate knock down?

In most instances, we can debate calls as there’s much to take into account however we’re struggling to see this incident in any other light than a yellow card offense.

The Munster player is part of the ruck and reaches over to slap the ball from the attacking 9 as they go to play.

See the play here

We can question why the referee of that caliber saw this as anything other than a YC?

Would he have YC the Muster player if this was the 35th or 70th minute? What was this player trying to achieve?

As referees we must not take into consideration the time and score during our thought process. This is not your concern or problem.

If a player infringes as they’re under pressure and your decision could potentially cost them the game then so be it.

Do not bottle big decision but also, do not try and escalate a decision to something more than it was.

This was a big (but easy) decision and realistically would have seen Munster lose this match.


See it differently?

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